Surround yourself with talented people

I have our corporate Advisory Council meeting today where we sit in a meeting/board room around a big conference table to discuss company dynamics, challenges, new products and ideas. We have owners from Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Arizona today sharing insight and working with our corporate staff.

Corporate meetings are outside my normal setting so getting dressed in high heels, business slacks and jewelry are not common for me. My normal corporate attire is crocks, yoga pants, a ponytail and an apron. I’ll admit that it can be a struggle to dress as a CEO at times.Not to mention the fact that I like to keep moving. I’ve never been able to sit still for an hour let alone eight hours around a board room table. 

But it’s days like this that I’m refreshed in listening to the ideas generated by so many smart people in our Gigi’s Family. Every time we get together we all learn something – how could we can improve the business, how to save on costs, how to improve the customer experience and so on. When you are the first to pioneer the largest cupcake franchise in the country, you have to create the blueprint. There is not a map to guide us, so we are creating our own roadmap and that is truly hard work.

When I think about how far we have come and the risks we have taken in 6 years; it is SCARY! How have we done this? God has really led us and I am so grateful for the journey He has allowed me and this organization to travel. Sure, we have made some mistakes along the way, but we’ve also made some amazing decisions that have allowed this business to grow. 

Being a pioneer is a rough road to travel for anyone and it’s not for the faint of heart. I love a good challenge and I’m ready for the next chapter of Gigi’s Cupcakes, so bring it on! We’re ready!