Get the Potty Started!

get-the-potty-startedToday was a huge milestone in my life. It was the day that my 2 ½ year old daughter (almost 3) went potty on the potty!!! It has been a difficult training process for both of us. I’m not a stay at home mom and she is not a stay at home kid. She is always on the go with me, so potty training is a challenge. Being a single mom, CEO and sole provider, we’re on the move during the day and don’t have the luxury of a familiar environment to potty train. I do have the luxury of taking her almost everywhere I go and yes, there are certain advantages in being able to bring her with me. Most people can’t bring their kids to work, but having your name on the sign outside can have its advantages.   

One of my friends gave me this advice about getting her potty trained.

“Bless her heart”, she said. “Gigi, all you have to do is stay at home for a solid week, don’t go anywhere and let her potty all over herself and she will get it!”  

I guess in theory that might work, but who is going to “bring home the bacon” during the week?  That’s a challenge all working mothers face.  

She is making strides now in potty training and I try to find new ways to reward her for her success. This is a bit challenging because she has been in a cupcake shop longer than she has been in this world!! Her special treat is what we’ve named “princess food.” When she comes into the shop, she gets a small cup of 2 Princess fondant crowns, sprinkles and a few mini chocolate chips.  It’s a small treat fit for my Princess!   

To all the working moms out there, I know how challenging it can be to find balance.  I face it every day. But what I do know is that the potty must go on. Oh, it’s party.