Spring Is Here

I love springtime!   

It’s the kick off to outdoor parties and gatherings. On Easter Sunday, I hosted a brunch for about eighteen of my friends.  I asked that they each bring a side dish and I would be in charge of the ham, turkey and dessert.   

Because I have Gigi’s Cupcakes, everyone expects me to be the dessert expert.  No pressure, right?    I have to admit, I have a knack for creating sweet treats and truth be told, I like the pressure.  So, I wanted to be creative.  Sometimes my creativity strikes at odd times.  This time I was pulling weeds in my blueberry patch and that was my “Ah Ha” moment!  I need to make something with blueberries!  Everyone loves blueberries (or at least they should).  The perfect fruit; bite-sized, no cutting involved, low calories, great health benefits, beautiful color, etc.   

How about a Blueberry Trifle?  

It was the perfect dessert choice for my Easter Brunch and it’s something I wanted to share with you.  You can serve this all year long and it’s especially good when fresh blueberries are in season.It’s also low fat so now you can eat a double serving (kidding).

Try this recipe and see what you think.  

Hope you enjoy.