Pumpkin Sugar Cookies

6_11897_optOctober is one of my favorite months of the year!  It’s when fall finally arrives in Nashville, and it makes the city look so beautiful. In my house, one of the greatest ways to celebrate the coming of fall is to make pumpkin sugar cookies.  My daughter loves them!  A while ago, I promised her we would make them as soon as the leaves started turning.  Of course, once you make a promise to your child, you never hear the end of it.  For nights on end, she asked, “When, Mommy? When, Mommy? When? When? When?”

Any working parent knows it’s hard to find the time for extracurricular activities.  After a long day in the Gigi’s kitchen, I came home exhausted and ready for a break.  Then my daughter came up to me, like clockwork, and asked again. “Tonight, Mommy?”

Even though I was tired, I knew I couldn’t disappoint her. So we put on our aprons, fired up the oven, and rolled out the dough.  Her little giggles and the joy on her face made it all worthwhile. The cookies don’t have to look perfect, but they’re fun and a tasty treat for her and her friends.

Baking with her reminded me of when I was a little girl, when I would stand on a stool and help my mom and grandma in the kitchen, just like she was sitting on the counter helping me.  As we were mixing the dough and giggling with each other, I realized my daughter loves to bake. Baking is an art, and it’s in her blood, just like it is for me. I have the honor of passing along this family tradition to her, and I am so happy that my daughter is learning and loving this age-old craft.

Wishing you fall blessings to your family!