Baked with Love

For the past eighteen months or so my Aunt Bennie has traveled back and forth to Nashville from Texas to help with Gigi’s product researchand development. It’s no coincidence that she’s part of the product team because it was Aunt Bennie, along with my mom, that truly influenced me in the world of baking.

I remember going to Aunt B’s home every summer when she owned an amazing bakery and catering business. I would help her cater events and watch her bake in the kitchen – she’d even let me help occasionally. I would lie on her couch and read all her cake decorating books for hours, looking at all the beautiful photos and dream that one day I could do all of that. I never really imagined that I myself would be in the baking business at a young age, because I wanted to sing country music. But here I am.

Aunt Bennie sold her bakery and retired years ago, but now she helps me create some of the most amazing desserts we serve at Gigi’s Cupcakes. She helps with staging of our product as well (we are pictured here at a recent photo shoot).

My Aunt Bennie has been such a blessing to me and I don’t know what I would do without her. You never know why things happen the way they do or what path we will end up on, but sometimes it’s the unanswered prayers that lead us to the place that is exactly where the Lord wants us to be. Each day is a gift. I try to follow His lead and listen to my heart along the way.

If I had known 20 years ago that I would one day move to Nashville for one dream only to find another, one that’s been in the family for decades, I wouldn’t have believed it.  Baking is in my blood and certainly in my heart. I love what we create every day and for that, I’m so very thankful.