A Family Celebration

family-celebrationMy daughter, Kendel Skye, and I recently went to Texas to see my parents and celebrate a very special occasion, their 50th wedding anniversary.   My father is third generation of 50th wedding celebrations. My great grandparents celebrated over 50 years, my grandparents celebrated over 50 years and now my mom and dad have passed that milestone!   

It was such a special time for them with so many friends and relatives who came to share the day with them.  My parents did a vow renewal ceremony and when my mom walked down the isle to renew her vows there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.  I also sang at the ceremony.  The song was “When You Are Old” written and performed by Gretchen Peters as well as Martina McBride.  We danced the night away and truly enjoyed ourselves.    

One of the most special things of the celebration was their wedding cake!  My Aunt Bennie Lee made it for my parents as a gift.  A beautiful creation. It seemed fitting since 50 years ago Aunt B was one of the bridesmaids and helped cut the cake.  A beautiful white cake with fresh daisies all over it like the one when they got married.  The cake was our lemon pound cake with coconut.  It looked and tasted amazing!  I had two pieces of cake!   What is it about a cake?  It has a magical element that no one can explain. It can define a moment, a memory.   It brings people together and makes people happy.  It’s a symbol of celebration.  Just think, any event that we attend, 9 times out of 10 times a cake will be present.  It was an honor to have Gigi’s share in that magical moment.   

That is one of the big reasons why I got into the cake business.  I love it so much.  If there is a wedding or a birthday party, I have always been the first in line for a piece of that special cake.    Don’t tell my aunt, but I have a confession to make… not only did my sweet daughter sneak a taste of frosting before the party, so did I.   It was that good.