The Simple Joy of Summer

Summer is here, and with summer comes a sense of joy.  For my daughter and I, this summer has already started off in a whirlwind!  In one month, we have experienced a lot of changes.  Among some business changes, we also sold our home as we are in the process of building a new one.  Our new home is not ready yet, so we have moved into a sweet, cozy apartment.  My daughter is a single child and in our old home, we did not have many close neighbors.  I have always wished that she could experience the joy of playing with precious, neighborhood friends.

Since movifirefly friendsng to our new apartment complex, we have been welcomed by a lovely community and have met so many sweet people.  Every day this summer, we have spent the afternoon at the complex playground with our new friends.  Then, in the evening when it gets cooler, these new friends knock on the door and invite us to come catch fireflies.  We run around with our “firefly friends” in our grassy courtyard and see who can catch the most.

What a simple joy it has been to watch my daughter make new friends, play, run, laugh and catch fireflies.  It’s easy to wonder what the future holds when change comes our way.  This summer, I have decided to embrace this change, live in the present and experience the simple joys this season has to offer.  I am enjoying this time God has given us.