The Dress

red-dressI recently went shopping at the mall to get some fall clothes for my daughter who is 3 1/2 years old.  Although I love to shop, I hardly ever have time to.  I go shopping maybe six times a year if that says anything.  I try to save money and spend my time doing other fun things with her and then there is work….Oh that… Yeah, someone has to pay those pesky bills:) 

So I went shopping and I am in the zone to get practical, washable and wearable clothes for her and from across the room she spots this dress and runs to it and says ” Mommy this is me and its perfect!!”

How does this happen at 3 1/2 years old?   I tried to pacify her by telling her, “Yes, that is sparkly and pretty and really pink but we are here for other things today.”  I’m thinking she will forget about the dress, but no.   She starts telling all the other ladies in the store that her mommy doesn’t let her have pretty dresses and all she wants is a pretty dress!   After hearing this for nearly an hour, I finally gave in and look at this bright pink, sparkly dress. This dress is totally Gigi’s Pink and so adorably fabulous!  We bring it home and she dances all around the house saying “I’m a beautiful pink cupcake princess!!”  

That was priceless to me.   Sometimes we are so focused on are agenda that we can’t see the needs of others around us.  While I wasn’t looking for it during this shopping trip, the truth is, I did need to buy her a dress for the holiday season and a few Gigi’s related events.  This was the dress.  The one she wanted.  The one that she’ll love to put on.  Bottom line, she is a “girly girl” and I need to realize that.   I wasn’t a “girly girl” growing up.   The shopping trip was a reminder that always being practical isn’t as fun as girly frilly pink princess dress every now and then.   And more good news… it was on sale.

I am so glad that God has really blessed me with the most perfect, adorable “girly girl.”