Island Adventure

6_gigi_stingray_optI recently took a few days off to recharge!   I think we all need a little time to ourselves to refresh, renew and recharge!  I needed a little time with my feet in the white sand, listening to the waves crashing in and snorkeling in crystal clear water.  It was wonderful!

I love the beach and ocean and I was so fascinated with all of the beautiful sea life.  I am the biggest animal lover, whether on land or sea.  I adore animals and love to feed them in their natural habitat at home and, in this case, at sea.    I loved feeding the fish and just taking in all that island life had to offer.  It was cleansing. The ocean was full of sting rays, beautiful fish and an eagle ray.   I even had a chance to hold a sting ray!   They are very friendly and tame in most cases and this was quite the experience for me.   

God has made a beautiful world and I am so blessed that I could enjoy that little corner of it recently.   I hope you have a chance to catch your breath and enjoy a little piece of Heaven in the near future.