Getting My Blog On

triple-chocolate-torte-cupcakeToday I was helping customers at the Broadway store and was explaining what our Raspberry Triple Chocolate Torte was.  I got so excited in describing the ingredients; I just broke one apart with my hands (gloves on of course) and started sharing it with the crowd.  They all gathered around and we had a moment sharing this cupcake together.  They all loved it and they all bought at least one torte among their order.   

These are the moments I cherish.  

I love my product and my customers.  I am so passionate about my product, my stores and our purpose.  The road I’ve traveled has certainly been a unique one and each day brings something new – a new experience, a new recipe, a new moment to share with friends, family and you.That is what has inspired me to write about it.  I created this blog to talk about the incredible journey I’m on.  I won’t always write about cupcakes, cheesecakes or cookies.  You’ll find that my blog posts will be about various topics and things that interest me – when passion strikes or something quirky happens.  It might be often because if I am anything, I’m definitely quirky.  All my friends and family would describe me that way.  We all have a story to tell and this is mine.

By the way, be sure to stop in and try the Triple Chocolate Raspberry Torte! If it’s not the best thing you have put in your mouth I will give you your “Wedding Cake”! (that you usually get for free)