An Unsuspecting Sweet Tooth

sweet-toothBecause Gigi’s Cupcakes makes life much sweeter in nearly any circumstance, I usually try to bring treats with me to those I interact with each day.   To the wait staff at a restaurant, to the airport, valet, kids in the park, etc.   If I’m running an errand or have an appointment, there’s a chance I’ll be bringing cupcakes with me.   Such was the case a few days ago when I visited my dentist office for an appointment.  It can’t hurt to bring goodies to the staff and doctor who are about to drill on your teeth.    

I’m a fairly new patient to this office and I thought they were just being nice when I arrived with cupcakes.  I didn’t realize how much they’d actually enjoy them.  Just when I had the gas mask on about to take a shot in the mouth, my dentist came in chewing with frosting on his face as he said “that banana split cupcake is off the charts!”   It was really funny.  Not only did the staff enjoy they cupcakes, but they shared them with some patients that were waiting in the lounge.   When I walked out to the lounge at the front desk, they were having a coffee and cupcake tasting party right in the office.   I realized that something so simple, like bringing cupcakes to a dentist office, can make a visit that much more enjoyable.   It made me smile knowing that we have a product that people really love and that I love to share with others — even in my everyday life.   

The good news, I have healthy teeth.  I guess the moral (or “molar”) of this story is that life is grand when you can enjoy all things in life with a balance.  Yes, even a dentist has a sweet tooth now and then.