A Healthy Balance: Fried Okra Recipe

friekd-okra-panThere’s nothing more satisfying then going to my garden, picking something, cooking it and serving it for dinner!  That’s exactly what I did the other night with my homegrown okra.  Of course, being a southern gal, I fried the okra and it’s simply one of my favorite dishes.  I could literally eat bowls of it but I have to remind myself that balance in life is key.  I’m always striving for balance as many of you already know.   I never deny myself southern comfort food, but I do balance it with an overall healthy diet, plenty of water and regular exercise.  It’s a continually thought process to strive for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  

You would think that after six years of tasting cupcakes that I would get sick of eating sweets but no, that’s not the case.  I want a sweet treat every time I walk into one of the stores.  As you might imagine, I have to taste test all of our products on a daily basis and all those calories certainly add up.  It can be a real struggle.  Three years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter I gained 64 pounds!  When I got out of the hospital I knew I had a lot of work to do to get the weight off.   It has literally been one of the hardest things I have ever done.  Now that the weight is off it’s still a daily struggle.   I often have people ask me about how I stay in shape while owning a cupcake shop.  It’s not easy, but I watch what I eat, count calories, drink lots of water, eat my fruits and vegetables and walk two miles a day, six days a week.  In addition, I do an intense workout three days a week called Barre Amped.  I also include prayer in my balance – finding time to pray is an important key to my overall health, well-being and life balance.  You’ll find many diets and tricks for weight loss out there, but that’s what has worked for me.     

So, back to the fried okra, here’s the recipe:  

Southern Fried Okra 

-Cut okra into bite-sized pieces and put into a bowl 

-Add 3 tbsp. of corn meal  

-Add 1 tbsp. of flour  

-Seasoning salt to taste  

-Salt and pepper  

-2 tbsp. of milk Mix and then pour into hot oiled pan   

Fry for about 12 minutes or until brown.  

Drain onto a plate and paper towel.   

Let cool, serve and enjoy!    

Wishing you a balanced life!