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When Gigi Butler moved to Music City to pursue her dream, it wasn’t to become the culinary queen of cupcakes.  The young entrepreneur and talented singer moved to Nashville to be the next country music star and the journey that followed to get her name in lights is full of sweet irony. Gigi’s story will inspire you while her lighthearted and witty personality will make you laugh along the way.

Thanks for visiting, we hope you’ll stay a while and get to know the woman behind the brand.

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Sweet Memories, Sweeter Friend

I want to shed a spotlight on a special member of the Gigi’s family - Brad Harlan.  Having served as manager of the original Broadway shop for over five years now, Brad plays a valuable [...]

Friends, Family and the County Fair

I have always loved the county fair.  Growing up in small town, going to the fair was the highlight of our year.  I will always remember participating in the 4-H animal contests or cheering for my mom [...]

The Simple Joy of Summer

Summer is here, and with summer comes a sense of joy.  For my daughter and I, this summer has already started off in a whirlwind!  In one month, we have experienced a lot of changes.  Among [...]